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Price of New iPhones  


Dan Wieder
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September 14, 2018 12:48 EDT AM  

Being an avid Apple supporter for many decades now, I am disappointed in the price of the new iPhones. I think the cost of $1,000 for a phone (not including AppleCare) is too much to pay. I'm looking to upgrade an iPhone6 and iPhone6S, and I'm seriously considering keeping these phones until they die, or possibly only going up to the iPhone8. 

While I like the new features on the iPhoneX models, the cost and size are too much for me. It's quickly getting to the point where average people will not be able to afford a new phone.

Very disappointing, in my opinion.

What do others think?

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Graham McKay
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September 14, 2018 1:31 EDT AM  

I agree that smart phones are getting extremely pricey but on the other hand people are using them for far more things. As an example my partner does *everything* on her iPhone even though she has a perfectly good iPad Mini and MacBook Pro - mainly because it is what she has with her no matter where she is.

For myself I have always renewed my iPhone on a 3 year cycle and have bought outright as well as by 12 month payment plan. Last year I decided to marry my buying cycle with my financial outlay and bought an iPhone X on a "monthly payment, 36 months, no interest" plan. When the payments are broken down like that it is easier to grasp the price to value ratio.

Mike Price
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September 14, 2018 3:00 EDT AM  

But isn't that where the iPhone XR fits in? @ $750-$900, that is pretty much the *normal* price range prior to the iPhone X.

Dan Wieder
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September 14, 2018 8:55 EDT AM  

Yes the "Xr" model, which was mentioned at the end, is still pricey. It's like well if you won't pay the $1000 for our new phone, here's a scaled down version for only $750. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but we are considering it an entry level phone.

It just feels wrong.

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September 14, 2018 9:05 EDT AM  

I think Apple is targeting the consumer where their phone is their ONLY device.  That is to say, the iPhone is their only telephone, their only Internet connection, their only camera, their only alarm clock, their only ebook reader, their only newspaper, their only social media device, there ONLY device period!

Those of us with multiple devices are the rare exception to all the cell phone users in the world.


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Dave Hamilton
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September 17, 2018 11:50 EDT AM  

It's interesting. For me, the XR is actually what makes the XS look even more pricey. Because for ~$250 less, you get a larger screen (albeit not OLED), better battery life (albeit without a glass back), and no 3D Touch (which means I have to pinch-to-zoom to print-to-PDF inside Mail).

Otherwise, it's the same. And, maybe even better. I'm seriously considering the XR here, and did NOT order an XS (yet? 🙂 )

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September 19, 2018 10:43 EDT AM  

Ohoho, I understand you, bro! Two years ago I bought Iphone 6s for my kid, she was so happy  😀 

But a few days ago, she asked me for a new iPhone XS, I thought: okaaay, let's saw at the price for this new phone.  Oh my God, what was the disappointment for me when I saw a prince. After that, Daddy became sad  😫 

Maybe I'll buy it for a new year.

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October 2, 2018 9:04 EDT AM  

I have to agree that the phone prices are getting quite ridiculous.  I have an iPhone 7S Plus and was thinking about getting the XS Max since I skipped the X iPhone. I was holding out on the bigger screen.  The major benefit that I see is having Dual Sim capability without the need for carrying around two devices.  I like buying the phone outright and tend to keep my phones for 3 years+.  I also like to keep an older device around for those just in case situations.  You never know when you need that old phone.  If I upgrade my phone, then my wife would want her iPhone upgraded too, which tends to get quite pricey.  My kids aren't old enough to have a phone but I am dreading the day when they will ask.  I wonder if they will be ok with my old Nokia with the one game preloaded on it. 

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October 9, 2018 3:06 EDT PM  

The price of the phone is simply a change from the old days.  In reality the iPhone XS and Max are more in line pricing wise with the original iPhone.  If I recall it was $699 when it first came out and then eventually went to $199 with the release of the 3G.  What is not baked in would be any carrier subsidies.  

At this point I am in a holding pattern when buying new Apple gear as they have certainly priced their entire product line above my budget.  I am awaiting for my carrier to offer me a deal on phones as I have several lines that are about to pay off the phone.  Carrier's seam to be doing this more in order to keep client loyal to the their network.  I don't think the phones sell as many as before, but the average price certainly goes up, which is what Apple sees as a win with investors.  

Like with my Macs and iPads I am waiting for the right time and holding onto gear longer than in the past.  This iPhone X I have runs fine and I have zero issues with it.  An iPhone 7 plus with 128gb two years ago would cost me $849, and now it cost $656.  If things hold true an XS will cost about $799 in a few years and will still be a great experience.  Unless of course like with the X Apple just discontinues the XS, well that will be different story. 

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December 9, 2019 2:44 EST AM  

Hello. here is the topic of discussion of iPhones and would like to ask where it is more profitable to buy it? where did you buy it? I am thinking of ordering from an online store, but is there any difference in price? unless your waiting time is a bit more. and one more thing, are postcodes correctly listed here?

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