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Hey all, just wanted to share an incident that happened this weekend. I was housesitting for a friend and asked for his wifi password, which he was happy to give me. I had brought my iPhone and my iPad, along with my old iBook G4 so I could play some games. The iBook can't access iCloud Keychain, of course, and I was frustrated to realize that, despite having the wifi password, I couldn't remember it exactly. So the iBook couldn't get online. And the "Accounts & Passwords" item in Settings on iOS 12 wouldn't let me see the wifi password, apparently for security reasons. What to do?

Luckily, I've listened to MGG enough over the last 10 years that I had a solution prepared. It took me a minute to realize I had all the pieces, which were: Remote access app "Remoter VNC" on the iPad, a dynamic domain name from, and had made sure my router and Mac at home were configured to send all traffic to my Mac, which had the "Remote Management" item checked in Sharing in System Prefs. So it was a simple matter of using my dynamic domain name with the VNC app, adding my username and password for my home Mac, and BAM! I was in! Opened Keychain, which by then had synced with iCloud and I had the correct password. Done and done.

Thanks to MGG, my weekend housesitting gig was more like a vacation with gaming and surfing a-plenty. 🙂

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W00t! Nice going, @koderkev. I love it!

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