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Recommendations for iPhone 11 Pro case and screen protector?  


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September 16, 2019 9:14 EDT PM  

For all my previous iPhones (5, 6, 7) I’ve used Otterbox cases.  I started on my 5 with a Defender case, and hated the built in screen protector, until I cut out the screen protector that was built in and replaced with a tempered glass shield.   My 6 and 7 I bought the Commuter case, which was like the Defender, but came with no built in screen, so I just added a tempered glass one. 

So now I’m getting an 11 pro. My choices in otterboxes remain the same, only this time the Defender cases are screenless; they also come in a regular and pro Defender model (which has a Microbial Defense feature for $10.00 more) They sell a tempered glass cover for $39.00. That seems like a lot for a shield considering you can get a lot cheaper ones on Amazon. 

I carry my phone in a belt clip (which does come with the Defender) and tend to bump into things and occasionally have dropped my phones. Otterbox have been good at protecting them.

So what kind of cases and or screen protectors (if any) do you recommend?