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Replacing AirPod charger

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I have the original AirPods - about 8 months old - and charging case got wet (AirPods are fine, albeit out of juice at this point).  Despite drying the case for 24 hours, I believe it's compromised.  (I see discoloration inside the lid and the lightening cable won't fit in the charging port.)

My question is about replacement options. I'm ready to update my phone - likely to the 11Pro, which is Qi enabled.  And in the spirit of simplifying life and having less stuff, I wonder if a wireless charger such as that the Tech Zebra option that was shared in May on TMO, would be a better and more cost-effective solution than purchasing a replacement charging case for the AirPods.

Anything I'm missing with that option?  Portability, perhaps...but given the life on the AirPods it seems like a reasonable sacrifice to make.

Other options?

Thanks from the balmy Maine coast.