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Safari in 2020  


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March 30, 2020 1:12 EDT PM  

I think that these past two weeks of working remotely have convinced me to ditch Safari... too many websites behave strangely (probably because the developers never bothered to test on Safari). Some pages don't load at all until I switch browsers-- progress bar just gets stuck about 40% into the load-- in others, parts of the webpage don't display as expected. I dunno, I've been held back from a switch due to the nice keychain integration in Safari, and two-factor form fills, and other niceties of keeping it all in the same ecosystem. But each passing month seems to reveal yet another problem solved by launching Chrome. Any advice on switching over to Chrome or FireFox reduce the loss of the Apple integrations? Maybe I am alone in feeling the Safari experience continues to get worse, but I suspect I'm in okay company on this one. 

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April 12, 2020 10:40 EDT PM  

Personally I refuse to use Chrome.  Google is a virus.  I only use Google to sign up to sites where I suspect I will be the target of spam.  Might as well be google than me.  But the story  I relate, my son has some unique interests, while that is his choice it is not mine. Google, however, thinks it is.  My son, on a rare visit to my place,  jumped on my Mac one day and started searching for some of his interests.  Two years later, Google still thinks those interests are mine and so 3 years later, their suggested sites and adds still relate to my son's interests.  I can do without that sort crap, it is more invasive than a lot of viruses.  Especially when my partner starts questioning me when she is looking at some of my search results.  I would do a DNS block on all things Google but alas it would break the internet as they are now so pervasive.  


So I know this is a long explanation to arrive at, Go Firefox we can do without google.