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Shout out to John F Braun

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Just listened to MGG 766.  John made a comment that made me want to shout out "Amen".  I refer to his sage advice regarding installing Beta software.  Installing Beta software on your system --- particularly a mission critical, money generating system --- is suicidal.  Beta software isn't just a step or two away from regular release.  Beta is defined by the company issuing it.  It could be completely raw, and capable of crippling your system and restricting its ability to perform many functions.  And it can render the system "bricked" at worst to severely corrupt.  Unless you are a professional software developer who needs a peek at what's coming under the hood, STAY AWAY.

In my experience, most OS and legacy app updates offer incremental/insignificant feature bumps at best.  Most are things I'd rarely use, even when the regular release becomes available.  No reason to take such big risks for such minimal reward.

Personally, as one who has lived in the Apple ecosystem since 2006, I consider the first regular release of any update to be "Beta"....because with OS updates in particular, I almost always see reports of the update "breaking" applications.  Who needs it?   Let others feel the pain, and give it a few weeks or even a month or two before taking the plunge. 

Thanks John, for making all of us aware of the risks.

Graham McKay
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For macOS releases I generally tell my clients to wait at least 6 months after initial release, or the “.2” update. 


I shy away from offering any support for people who install beta releases.