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Sound choices disappear

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I'm on a 2020 M1 Macbook Pro, running the latest version of Big Sur. With only 2 USB-C ports I have one plugged into power and the other to a powered hub (which can connect to other devices like backup hard drives).  I also have a second monitor. This monitor does not have an HDMI port so I must connect via a cable that has a DVI to USB cable. Here are the problems. The only way that the second monitor will connect with my computer is through a direct connection to it. It doesn't connect through the powered hub. Therefore I usually unplug the power cable and connect the monitor when I want to use it. I'm not sure why that is necessary.

The bigger problem has to do with using Zoom. When I unplug the power cable and then plug in the monitor cable, I get the video, however, I lose all audio capability on my Mac. The monitor has no speakers connected to it, I either want to use the internal speakers of my Mac or my Airpods. When I go to preferences (in either computer or Zoom) and check my audio settings, there are no choices for input or output, it is completely blank. I have to restart the computer in order for my speakers and microphone to work again. 

It seems to be triggered by opening Zoom. Anyone else having issues like this? If so is there a working solution that can be accomplished without a restart?  It's frustrating when I get to a meeting and find out that I have no sound and have to leave it, restart the computer, before being able to function. Unplugging the external monitor and replugging in the power, doesn't change anything once the sound has disappeared.