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Spinning Google Drive after migration

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finally been forced to ditch Backup & Sync. Had to download latest

Google Drive
Version: (Intel)
but all it does is sit and spin,   not my wheel of death, the app in the menu bar.   I googled and found people mentioned uninstall & reboot. So i did this,  then backed up the old google area. 
deleted it. 
cleared chrome logins for google.
ensured full disk access & accessibility access in security & privacy. 
still it just spins. 
Anyone else found a solution to this?

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finally , my solution ...

as per facebook i am more of a storker than i am a post but i am hopign this may help another.

i tried many solutions to the spinng google drive issue and i am sure it went back much further.   So my soution is in 3 parts :-

before we start this is not a suggestion its a requirement .

1. BACKUP! yes you do many backups but just double and tripple check that this folder is NOT exluded by default

2. try to get your preferences open to look for Cache area.  my problem was this as it was NOT in the default   
/Users/{name}/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS
but found in  /Library/Application Support/Google/Drive/...
so now you know (or goto both these to check) Enter into Terminal the following to DELETE all content

sudo rm -R  /Users/{name}/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS

3.  find   on this page  "Fix a corrupted directory on Mac" and follow instructions to fix permissions

sudo kextcache -clear
sudo mv /private/var/db/KernelExtensionManagement/private/var/db/KernelExtensionManagementBackup
sudo kextutil -l /Library/Google/DriveFS/dfsfuse.kext

Now uninstall old google drive , download latest from   install & wait for the sync




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