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Spotify music recorder

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Seems kind of… I don’t know… Illegal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a music fan and have a huge collection and sure, I have been known to record a cassette or two in my day. And yes, I know all the tricks to strip DRM off of music that I have purchased. But now the game is different. Musicians are relying on people listening to their music through the services to make their .00000375 cents per stream. If you’ve got people transferring the music, even if it’s for their own personal use, the artist is going to miss out on that. It’s shocking that Mac Heist is offering this. I’ve been trying to help an artist that makes really good music, and in the three or four years that we had songs posted to the services via tune core, we’ve made about $20 with two album sales and a smattering of streams. And that’s not including the cost to use tune core. Otherwise we’re in the red.

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