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Synology RT2600ac VPN - cannot see any local devices

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I'm using my iPhone  (over 4G) to connect to my home network over a VPN configured using L2TP within VPN Plus Server (and then using the Standard VPN section).  It connects, and I can access the internet, and if I lookup my IP address seen by the internet it's that of my home internet connection (ie. the same IP address I get at home if I google 'what is my IP address'.)


However, I cannot see any devices on my local network, despite selecting the local network IP range option, and my device having a local IP address on the same subnet as my home network.  I cannot ping any local devices.


I've spent a long time googling for solutions - some appear to be complex which I'm assuming shouldn't be necessary.


Any tips?  I was under the impression this should work automatically.