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Time Machine NAS and M1 MBP

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I have been having issues with my new M1 MBP and Time Machine backups to my NAS. Had a previous Intel MBP 2017 set up with the NAS for Time Machine with the only issue being the inevitable yearly warning "that something has gone wrong and you need to start from scratch”.

I have set up the Synology (in my case the lowly DS118) per Synology’s and numerous YouTube video instructions.  When I attempt my first backup it works fine.  Some time in the next 1-4 days the Time Machine backup fails. It either stops by itself and attempts later without success or the Time Machine preference page shows X GBs being backed up, but not the usual X GBs of Y GBs.  It doesn’t list time remaining.  It remains stuck on this amount being backed up until it finally stops without a backup.

From my reading on line and with prior experienceI I know this results from a Time Machine backup that got got interrupted causing a sparsebundle to be “in progress".  When I am direct connected to my Mac with a HD, to fix this you need to find the sparsebundle “in progress” and delete it and then Time Machine backups resume normally.  The problem is with a backup over NAS is I can’t find the sparse bundle “in progress” file to delete.  Instead I’ve deleted the whole sparse bundle in my shared Time Machine folder on the NAS.  This works but obviously I’m starting from scratch again.  If this happened yearly I could live with it but not every 2 days!!

Any ideas?  Need more info or better explanation, let me know.

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USB 3 can interfere with WiFi, due to being at a harmonic frequency of the WiFi. Perhaps you have a poorly shielded USB device?  Try rearranging any USB cables and devices you have to lessen the cross-talk with your WiFi. 

if possible, try backing up over a wired Ethernet connection, to see if that works. When TimeMachine mounts a network sparsebundle, it should detect the inconsistent state of the spare bundle and repair it. This will go better over a wired connection. 

ultimately, you will have to resolve the problem that is causing the inconsistent WiFi. I suggest isolating “what changed recently”. If you got any new dongles or hubs with your new Mac, starts looking at them as potential culprits.