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Why get rid of good feature to Mail

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I know this happened a long time ago, but why did the Apple Mail program get rid of the Bounce Mail feature. With all of the junk mail I receive, just putting it in my Junk folder, doesn’t seem to work at getting Mail to learn what’s junk. At least with the Bounce feature, the spammer should have received my mail right back to themselves with an undeliverable tag. Was it that the Bounce feature didn’t work?


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Bouncing spam creates more problems because the “from” or “reply to” address in the spam message is almost always spoofed. Hence a bounce would get sent to an innocent 3rd party, not the spammer.

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The original thinking behind the Bounce to Sender feature was that if spammers thought the email was rejected, they'd remove that email address from their list as if it were invalid. But as time and technology progressed, Apple realized that this feature might be doing more harm than good. These bounced messages might actually confirm to the spammer that the email address was valid and their message was, in fact, received. Furthermore, if the spammer was using spoofed email addresses, the bounce message would head back only to a forged address.