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Wi-Fi Calling Troubleshooting

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  I live in an area with poor cellular coverage but I've managed to get great high speed internet service. For a period of about six months I enjoyed the perfect functionality of Verizon Wi-Fi calling. My iPhone 12 Mini would automatically join my home Wi-Fi network upon entering the house. Shortly thereafter, the phone would switch to the Verizon Wi-Fi calling mode; abandoning the poor signal from the local tower. I could make and receive calls and SMS text messages, my other Apple devices would allow me to answer those same calls if my phone wasn't handy, and I could send images to my friends on non-Apple devices. It was a glorious time. Then I updated my iPhone to iOS 15.4.


  Shortly after I updated I noticed my phone wanted to stay with the Verizon tower signal. No longer would it gracefully switch to the Wi-Fi calling mode, even though it was fully connected to the home Wi-Fi network. The tower signal is too weak to make a call or send a text so consequently I've been missing all sorts of invitations to fancy outings that could be a lot of fun. Sometimes the phone would report "No Service" at all.


  I did the obvious power cycle stuff, reset network settings, and reseated the SIM card. I called Apple and they had me toggle the Wi-Fi calling feature on and off and check on some preferences like the new Focus features but their ultimate position is that it was nothing their update broke though, in my opinion, the coincidence is profound. Also, my daughter has the same model phone and it's running 14.7 and still works great. I then updated my phone to 15.4.1 hoping the bug was fixed but it didn't help. I updated the firmware on my TP-Link Archer AX55. That didn't help. I did a nuke and pave on the iPhone through iTunes and installed 15.4.1 again but before restoring my backup I tested the phone as though it was new and it still exhibited the same behavior until I went to my girlfriend's house. After setting up join her Wi-Fi network, the phone happily jumped into the Verizon Wi-Fi calling mode and stayed there. Her ISP is the same as mine but she just has a basic Belkin wireless router with no modifications to the out-of-the-box settings. I've talked to Verizon and had them reset the feature on their end. I've swapped my SIM card for my daughter's. I've done some port forwarding and reserved the IP address of the phone on my home router and nothing helps.


  If I put my phone in Airplane mode while on my home network, it will switch to the Wi-Fi calling service and I can place and receive calls and texts just fine though. It seems to have something to do with how it chooses to switch modes. The tower signal at my home is weaker than at my girlfriend's place so I don't think it's being tricked by signal strength. I am stumped and frustrated as I feel I've been methodical in my troubleshooting yet nothing seems to point to the culprit. Daughter's phone works fine on home network. My phone works fine on girlfriend's network and will make Wi-Fi calls when placed into Airplane mode on my network. Everything was fine before the update and nothing but a router firmware update has happened since. What am I overlooking? There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen on this one; Apple, Verizon, my ISP, and TP-Link so that makes it tough. Help?

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Thank you so much for sharing your thought. You can even can't play game with Wifi Calling