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WWDC 2019 reaction  


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June 4, 2019 11:29 EDT AM  

I've been waiting for 2 years (well actually longer) to see what Apple would do for a new Mac Pro, as my mac pro early 2009 is definitely showing some age.  Still a great machine but was so looking forward to the new mac pro.

Yesterday's mac pro showcase was awesome.  Such a beautiful machine!


I understood.  This was for pros.  Not for me.  I got it.  Being both a mac enthusiast and an avid gamer - the mac pro 2009 was a great machine for me.  Now I'll have to figure some other options.

But when they showcased the new Apple monitor - with a starting price of 5000.00 - that doesn't even come with a base (which the one they showcased is another 1000) - I realized that Apple no longer cares about me. 

I wanted a tower mac that I could reasonably afford.  But after the insult of the monitor pricing....

I guess I'll spend the next couple of years digging myself out of the apple ecosystem, and make my arch linux my OS of choice, running on some other hardware, with windows for my gaming.

Am I overreacting?  Thoughts from fellow mac geeks would be welcomed!


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June 4, 2019 4:05 EDT PM  

Well, that mac pro is definetly not for me either, but I was looking forward to the new display, until the price was annonced. WHAT??? 6000$ for a display, ok so I'm not the target for that either. Notice that they only talked about video pros and video apps. No mention of Photographer users or even pro retoucher (like me). I get that if your only option is a Sony reference monitor at 45,000$ and you can get a "cheap" Apple for 6000$, that's a bargain. But for all "pro" users not doing video and still wanting a 10-bit wide gamut display, Apple has not delivered at a reasonable price. On the other hand, I paid almost 10,000 for my PowerPC 6100 with a 21 inch monitor (the big one, not LCD!) a 300ppi inkjet printer and a 300 dpi scanner) and the 6100 was the cheapest PowerPC you could get at the time! so, 12,000 for those two is not that far off from what I paid almost 20 years ago! Anyway, we're just not used to pay that much for our computers anymore.