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[Solved] Antivirus on Synology?  



Hi guys, I wanted to have your opinions on Antivirus for a business NAS. These days I get a lot of "what's your security for your business concerning all IT matters". One of the question is do I run a Antivirus software on my computers, servers, etc,... Well, I don't, we are all mac based, the only thing we receive from client are word, excel, pdf and images. We buy stock photos from a trusty source and install only software from trusted sources. So, do I need an Antivirus on my NAS? 3 person access the NAS from a VPN. I also opened the Quick Connect feature since sometime, others need to connect to it and can't or won't be bothered with the "complexities" of a VPN. 

I have all sorts of backup for that NAS, shared folder sync to another NAS, Snapshots, Hyper backup on another volume on the same NAS. From what I know about Ransomware, I could go back in my Snapshots and get my stuff, so what do you think? And how do you explain that to future client that have concerns?


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@davehamilton, yeah, that's what I finally decided to do, installed the Antivirus Essential, and scheduled it to run every week. I'll be able to answer "yes" in the "do your company run Antivirus software" category.;-)


I run AntiVirus Essential on my Synology. It's never found anything, but it's fine, and you can tweak it to not run all the time and therefore it really doesn't have a noticeable performance impact.

I kind of treat it like the way I run Malwarebytes on my Macs. Safety net in the event something gets through. And perhaps that's not a bad way to treat your business devices... and then you could honestly tell your clients that you're good to go. 🙂