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Choosing a synology Ds418 or 420.


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Mainly storage of music, many pictures and more to come from a genealogy project, some digitized home movies and maybe 100 ripped personal DVD’s, backup (one of several methods) of several computers. I guess the biggest reason to go to the 420 is Plex? Never used that . Difference in price is about the equal to a NAS 6TB hard drive. Thoughts or are there other reasons then Plex? 

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I’m running plex on my ds418. The cpu is underpowered for doing any transcoding at all, so plex only works if you can find all the transcoding options on the server and client app and disable all of them. 

personally I’d suggest getting the ds420. It’s not that much more money, and is two years newer tech.  The SSD cache on the 420 is a plus that I wish I had on the ds418.  


This looks like a nice guide to Synology units and using Plex


My only side recommendation is that when selecting disks, that you get NAS rated disks.  My first round just used generic disks, and I found I was replacing them very quickly.  I then switched to NAS rated disks, and they have been solid.  NAS rated disks cost more, but they seem to last.

Thanks. I did mention NAS hard drive in my question so I totally agree on that.

Hmm the 420 isn’t in the article of the above link unless I am missing it?