CloudStation vs Synology's new Drive, What should I be using  



Synology has released a new app/product for its NASs called Drive, that seems to be destined to obsolete cloudstation.  

I've read some mixed reviews about Drive not quite doing the same things (particularly it not actually syncing onto mobile devices), and it makes me nervous to update. Here's one article I found about it:

Wondering what users here are doing and what their experiences have been with Drive.  Cloudstation seems to have FINALLY gotten stable so I'm loathe to try anything new, particularly when there is no going back.

Thanks for any thoughts on this!


Hi John,

I had tried Cloudstation at one point and did not find it stable at all, so I had just removed it. I tried Drive recently and it seemed to work better but I have not really tested it that much.  I would say though, if Cloudstation is working perfectly for you, don't change what's working man!;-) If at some point it's not working anymore, than do the move but until then, stick with what works.


Like @jefflambert670 I experienced issues with CloudStation long ago (and left for Resilio Sync for a while). Then I came back and CloudStation was and is blissful.

In wanting to test the new Synology Moments and Office, I was "forced" to upgrade from CloudStation to Synology Drive. Drive is a much broader product, encompassing not just the syncing from CloudStation, but also web-based file management for Office, similar for Moments, etc.

The syncing part of Drive, however, is essentially unchanged from CloudStation. The app name changed on my Mac, but the functionality has remained exactly the same for me. It works perfectly.

On my iPhone, I always used the DS File app and can still use that just fine. No issues there, either (because that's entirely different from CloudStation/Drive — that just connects you to your Synology DiskStation).


Thanks Dave/Jeff! But is it true that on the mobile apps, that the mobile version of DSCloud on my ipad no longer actually downloads/syncs the data to the device.  One of the reasons I got 512GB iPad pro is to sync that data and have it local, even when I'm not connected.  It seems that the Drive mobile client no longer does that...


I always found that "sync all the folders I touch" thing about the iOS version of Cloud Station quite strange. Dropbox doesn't do this (it only syncs those you specify), and really is counter to the way everything else in iOS works. 

So when Drive came out, I thought that paradigm made sense. I can set specific files to be favorites or to save offline, but generally-speaking it doesn't start downloading everything by default.

That's a long way of answering your question in the affirmative: yes, Drive does not sync everything. 

Yea, unfortunately for me, I actually want it to sync everything (I also wish it integrated into the like a well behaved native app). Seems like 2-steps backward for my needs at this point.  

Thanks for the confirmation Dave.

I hear you, @john-kheit. I'm hoping they continue development on Drive and make it fully integrated into Files and not just the modal "it works" solution that exists today.