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Extended File Attributes and a NAS  



I've been using the Qsync feature of my Qnao NAS to keep the files in sync between my MacBook Pro, the NAS and my iMac. It's worked quite well, when I file is changed on a computer, Qsync syncs the file to the NAS so each computer always has the latest version. I recently discover one problem that may be a deal breaker. The Qsync feature does not sync extended file attributes, which is a bummer because I tag many of my files for easy grouping and smart folders. Although if I directly save a file to the Qnap or use Chronosync the extended file attributes are retained by the file. Does Synology also have this behavior? Is this an issue for anyone else, is there any other way easily sync file to the NAS and keep the file attributes. While Chronosync works it's not as automatic as I would like at detecting changes in any file. I have to manually initiate the sync and then it scans all the files.

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Generally speaking, unless the destination is another Mac, the macOS Specific attributes are not saved.


You can create a macOS Disk Image container file on the NAS, and then backup to that, but that requires mounting the Disk Image on the Mac via file sharing.   And this does not lend itself to sharing between multiple Macs.


Thanks for the reply. I really wasn't thinking about backing up to a disk image. I was looking for a way to sync my mac to a NAS and retain extended attributes. Chronosync can do it but it's not fast or automatic.


But Chronosync is going Mac-to-Mac, or if Chronosync is going to a NAS maybe it is using Apple Double format files which allows the preservation of macOS file attributes.