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FreeNAS DIY versus Synology DS418  



Hello, I am considering repurposing a desktop PC (that I built in 2012) into a NAS using FreeNAS. My other option is to get the Synology DS418. The PC I have has good power (core i7 Sandy Bridge) and 16 GB RAM, but does not have error correcting RAM. This is for household use - uncompressed music archive, photos, files TM backups, etc. Either way, I plan to use NAS-quality drives and a UPS. I'm sure I can configure the FreeNAS system, but should I just cave in and buy the DS418 or something similar? I have a lot of hardware laying around and it would be cool to repurpose it. What do you guys think?

Thank you! -Daren

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DAllenSam, I'm pretty sure your PC would be faster than a 418 or even a 918+. I don't know about FreeNAS and how easy it is to configure and manage though. I have a Synology DS918+ which I just upgraded from a DS415Play and I'm happy with it. Synology is pretty easy to configure and backup. I guess I'd go with the PC without investing on it too much, like buy the NAS drive for it, because you could always put them in a Synology if that doesn't work like you want on the PC. If you find FreeNAS not what you expected than you could move to Synology. Since you already have the hardware, why not try that first before spending money? HTH.

Thanks jefflambert670 for your answer to my question. I think I will give it a shot, and maybe learn something in the process!