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Has anyone ever figured out how to get Synology tech support on a weekend?  



So I've got a DS918+ in trouble, all the help online has either done nothing or made things worse. Had no response in the Synology forum...

Their tech support isn't open on weekends in the US. Does anyone know if you can call Taiwan? I got the unit back up long enough to tell me all my data is done

I am sorry I can't advise how to get a hold of US tech support on the weekends. I would suggest submitted a help ticket via the Synology website if you have not done so already. Back in June 2016, I had a Synology NAS well out of warranty tell me all my data was gone. I called US tech support, on a Tuesday, who advised me to submit a ticket through the website (submitted at 9p EST). I was contacted by email within 14 hours. By 5pm EST on Wednesday I was able to provide the debug dat file and setup remote access to my NAS. By 1230p on Thursday I was contacted and advised my NAS was in read only mode. I was able to move all my data off the NAS. This was the most stressful 40 hours my life. The second best news after getting all my data back was I never was charged for their help. In fact, payment was never even discussed. With a new set of disks the same NAS is still running strong to this day having just clicked past 8 years of service the other day. I hope you get the same great service I did.

P.S. After my crash I started using Crash Plan as it was the best option for data backup offsite at the time. With Crash Plan having changed their options. I now use BackBlaze via the built-in interface. I found it much easier than the unofficially supported CrashPlan via Docker. Plus, right now BackBlaze is actually cheaper than Crash Plan's unlimited service for a NAS when it existed. As of a few months ago I still had not found a provider that supports a NAS that is cheaper than BackBlaze. Wishing you the best!

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Thanks! I did some more troubleshooting and even got it running for a moment. long enough to tell me my storage volume was damaged... so I tried two spare disks and it never got any further... I think it's got to be the unit not the disks...

so fingers crossed it can all be saved.

And I did come up with a really simple but safe backup solution. Just wish I'd had it on Friday :/