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I just bought a Synology DS220J and my m1 MacMini has been crashing at night when it's supposed to be working 🙄


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I setup CCC to copy my Data volume from my Mac to the NAS at 0100 (while I’m not using the Mac) 🙄. The next morning I have found my Mac has rebooted and CCC starts to try and make to make the volume clone. It happened several times and it appears that it may crash when trying to make the clone.

I believe I have read that CCC doesn’t like to clone to disks that aren’t formatted in an Apple format. I wanted to have redundant drives so I have the disks running in a raid 1 configuration using the Synology to make the raid instead of using the SHR format. 

The Synology is set to hibernate when idle for 20 minutes. Is it possible the Synology disk format is causing my M1 Big Sur to crash or is it the hibernation?

If it’s a format problem what is the best way to permit this work? Do you think it might work if I attached a powered USB formatted in either APFS or Mac OS Extended to the DS220J USB?

Also, It appears TimeMachine set to run once per day in the very early AM is able to deal with the hibernation setting.

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I create a macOS Disk Image file on the synology and copy into that.

Carbon Copy Cloner can do that for you.

You will not be able to boot the backup, but it has the content of your files in a macOS compatible format.

To my knowledge, because I am on an M1 Big Sur MacMini CCC can't yet create a bootable clone on any drive and currently only clones the data volume. Thanks, I'll try to create an updatable sparse bundle on the NAS.

Update, I wrote to CCC about my problem with Big Sur crashing when I tried to clone my data volume...


There is a known issue with the SMB service on macOS 11 Big Sur: Apple's SMB filesystem client can cause kernel panics

I would try that with AFP.

I was advised to use the carbon copy cloner to make a disk image sparse bundle on the Synology NAS.

That's not the approach we would recommend, see: I want to back up my data to a Time Capsule, NAS, or another network volume

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Product: ccc5

Backing up your data to a network volume

Before you proceed, your NAS volume should be mounted and accessible in the Finder. Instructions for gaining access to network volumes is available in the macOS Help Center. If your network volume does not appear in CCC's Source or Destination menu, consult the documentation that came with the storage device you are trying to access, or choose "Help Center" from the Finder's Help menu ("Mac Help" on Yosemite and above) and search for "connecting to servers".

To back up your home folder to a NAS volume with CCC:

1. Choose Choose a folder from the Source selector.
2. Select your home folder as the source (shortcut: press Command+Shift+H to navigate to your home folder)
3. Choose Choose a folder from the Destination selector
4. Navigate to your NAS volume, then click the New folder button to create a new folder on this volume, e.g. named "CCC Backup". Click the OK button.
5. Click the Clone button to run the task immediately, or schedule the task to run later.

My reply back to Mike Bombich:

I don’t know if this is a new approach but I had problems with trying to backup as suggested and errored out saying that the resources were being used that I wanted to clone. So found I could backup the important folders (see attached) from a cloned SSD into a sparse bundle without problems. When that worked I created a group task to 1st backup the clone nightly then backup the NAS sparse bundle.

Mikes reply:

Hi Steve,

If the disk image approach is working out alright, then I'd stick with that. I'm not a big fan of disk images because they tend to be fragile and finicky. If you have any trouble with the disk image, then I'd reconsider backing up those folders to the NAS volume directly (and mount the NAS via AFP instead of SMB).


Mike Bombich
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