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iTunes Media Locations


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I just got my DS920+ and I'm starting to get it all configured. I downloaded iTunes Server and it automatically installed a Music folder and a Movies folder at the top level of the NAS. My Mac mini has an "iTunes Media" folder that contains all my music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and audio books. This is where where iTunes saves everything and my AppleTV plays everything from it. Do I copy my iTunes Media folder to either the Music or Video folder on the NAS or do I need to split my files between them? Do I need a different app?

Everything seemed simpler when I had a RAID on my Mac mini and it was seen as just as external shared drive. When the RAID died (luckily it was backed up every night) I decided to go with a NAS so I wouldn't need to keep a computer powered up 24/7 to act as a media and file server. The NAS has upped the complexity since it is its own "device" and I'm not sure how everything should be setup so it works just as before for the other people in the house. That means being able to use AppleTV and all of our iOS mobile devices without jumping through hoops just to watch a movie or TV show or listen to music. The wife and the kids won't go for that. I'm hoping I didn't make an expensive mistake.

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Hi, I don't own a NAS like you do but I don't think you made a mistake. You have a powerful little server running in your Synology and they are well designed to suit your goals.

For now, the best I can do is offer this article.

Also, many people setup PLEX for sharing video content. See if any of these videos help.

Don't despair, part of the fun is learning new tricks and new tech.

Hoping these links do help otherwise come back again. Hoping someone has the same device and can help you with it more effectively than I.

I found a video playlist on iTunes server and Synology.



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I see that Plex on Synology DSM 7 is currently available only as a beta. Emby is available so maybe I'll try that since I'm just starting.