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Kwilt3 thoughts?  



Anyone have thoughts on this new Kwilt3 ? Seems like a very simple NAS. A little box that connects to router on ethernet, then usb drives plug into it, which become accessible to mac Finder via smb. Seems like the Lima, but maybe better.


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It does look interesting but I am not sure I understand why someone would purchase it when in many cases people already have a WiFi Router that has USB ports that let you do the same thing? Of course there are going to be people who rent their modem/router from their ISP that do not include that functionality so for those people this could be a good low cost solution to add a NAS to their LAN. So it really does come down to the user and use case.

For me, I would rather get a full NAS like a QNAP, Synology or Netgear with support for 2, 4 or more drives so that I could get the redundancy, speed and in many cases active 3rd party app ecosystem that they provide. Of course they do cost more but in many cases not that much more than this and are from vendors with a known history.


I got my kwilt3 last week. And as a photographer, I'm loving this device so much.

As well as the NAS features, the best part I like it being able to show my picture on the 4K television to my family. 

The ability to share many pictures instantly from a share link is fare better then any NAS I've seen, and being a persona cloud, I'm in control of where my photos are.

Lastly, this device has so much potiential. As the software developers are working on new feature to better sort, store, and display your presious moments.

The Kwilt3 is just what every photographers needs.