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Latest Security Update Breaks Transporter File Server  



Hi All,

I'm running macOS 10.14.6 and we're using the outdated Transporter device for our file server. We realize that this option is no longer supported and has transferred to a new company that doesn't seem to be supporting it either.

We have the latest version of the Transporter app, as well as macOS FUSE (3.10.4) installed.

All was well until I installed the latest Security Update (2020-002?) this morning. After the Mac rebooted, the Transporter app, which loads automatically, displayed the message:

“It appears that the Transporter Finder Extension needs to be enabled manually. Click 'Show Me How' to view the web-based instructions. Transporter Desktop will be closed. Once you have fixed the issue, please relaunch it.”

After doing research, the only “safe” way to mount a Linux EXT4 drive, AND be able to write to it, is by a virtual machine.

I found a piece of software called “extFS for Mac” which claims to solve this problem. I installed the demo, but it doesn’t seem to have helped.

Is using a VM the only option I now have? I can’t “uninstall” a security update.

Thanks in advance.