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[Solved] migrating disks from old Synology to new Synology


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I've been reading a lot about this process. I want to just move the HDs from a 1813+ to a 1819+. I have two volumes, volume 1 is the system and all my data, volume 2 contains a Hyperbackup of what's on Volume 1. Volume 1 is 6X 4TB drives setup in SHR with btrfs, and volume 2 is 2X6TB setup in RAID0 in EXT4. Snapshots are ON on my shared folders.

I also have setup a Shared Folder Sync task to another NAS unit on a different network, and activated Drive Shared team folder on one of the shared folder.

My question is, if I move all my drives to the 1819+, will I lose my Shared folder sync setup? My Synology Drive setup? What about my Volume 2? Will I lose my Snapshots? Will I loose my Hyperbackup tasks?

In the documentation, they talk about the services that will be backed up, but Drive, Hyperbackup and Shared folder sync are not mentioned, so I really don't want to have to redo my hyperbackup backup and resync everything because of a new Shared folder sync setup. Any advice on this? 

And, how much time does it take to do the migration, if you shutdown both unit, transfer the drives, restart the DS1819+, run the migration assistant. Does it depend on how much data is on the drive or it's just a simple config import and that's it? I need to know how much down time there will be. 


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Ok, just did the migration and thought it would be helpful to others to know what happens.

it doesn't work exactly like the knowledge base article from Synology. After swapping the drive and selecting the option to keep my settings and data, the DS1819+ restarted with everything in it, I didn't loose my Drive Shared settings, my hyperbackup backup on volume 2 was still there almost everything worked as is. In the KB they talk about having to restore from config file but I didn't have to do that at all.

The only thing that didn't go as planned was the Shared folder sync. For those, I got an error message almost right away that was saying somebody else was already synching to those. So, this you'll lose. BUT thanks to a user on the Synology forums all was not lost. Here's what you do, you go to the destination NAS and select the share point you need to sync. Then Clone it, give it a name like servertemp or whatever. Don't forget to go unlink those Shared folders in the Shared folder sync tab before going further. Then delete the original shared folder. Now go to sending NAS and after unlinking the tasks there, redo them. It when you start the sync it will recreate the shared folder on the destination NAS. Just wait  until the folder is created and cancel the sync. 

Go back to the destination NAS and copy or move the Shared folder content to the newly created shared folder. After it's copied, just restart the Sync on the sending NAS.

Hope that helps the next person doing this.


Thanks for this, @jefflambert670 — I hadn’t experienced the Shared Folder Sync issue when doing my migrations... because I didn’t have any of those synced the last time I did one of these. Will bear this in mind for the future. Thanks for summarizing it all!