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Plex with Synology NAS  



Hi all

(Just to note that I am ripping my own DVD's for use on my own NAS in my own house)

I recently got a Synology NAS and have installed plex on it and my Apple TV4K

I tried ripping one of my DVD's and it works fine with plex on the Apple TV. I used Handbrake to rip the DVD and chose the Synology as the destination for the ripped file. I was expecting it to take a while, it turned out to be 3 hours.

I'm interested to know other peoples workflow- Rip the DVD to a local disk then convert, rip it to a local disk and convert it at the same time, rip the DVD straight to the Synology but don't convert it.?

I chose M4V as the file type- is that the best format to choose?

The Apple TV is on the same Gigabit network as the synology (not wireless) I'm not too worried about file size, 4GB would be acceptable for each DVD

I'm not sure if some of my terminology is correct or not but hope it makes sense. 🙂

Any help appreciated.


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2 Answers

I've done this quite a bit over the years and here is what I would suggest:

  • When ripping media from a CD/DVD, it's fine to rip to local disk, then copy to your NAS.
  • DVD may take about an hour, BluRay it's not uncommon to take 2-3 hours depending on your RAM, CPU and general compute capacity.

Things get interesting when you start to do transcoding on existing files, for example:

  • I have my ripped files on my Synology NAS using H.264, I recently started playing around with H.265 to see how much space I might recover and doing this over my Cat6 network wasn't too bad.  However, I did this from NAS to local.  NAS to NAS wasn't a problem either, just chose not to do it.
  • However, transcoding local to local caused I/O issue and general usability problems.  Handbrake pegged the CPU and adding local disk IO for both read and write made the machine nearly unusable while the transcode was working.

I generally have Apple products but do use DS Video, Plex, Roku and Firestick and find that H.264/265 m4v does a direct stream from the Synology NAS using Plex.  Using other codecs means your NAS has to transcode the video on demand (unless you have it setup to do this before hand) and I found that I get far more hiccups letting the NAS do on demand / Plex than just using straight m4v H.264/265.  Yes the others work technically if you have the backend CPU to handle and keep up with the demand.


I haven't ripped a DVD for a while but your time and file size seem more what I see for a BluRay. Time is hard to say without knowing your computer specs. 4GB isn't really compressed for a DVD file. Make sure your output resolution is the same as starting (not accidentally upping the resolution.

I tend to use a local drive for ripping then move to Synology. One less potential failure point.

People will argue over MKV vs m4v, I mostly use the rips on a AppleTV and iPad so I use m4v which seems fine with plex.