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Real time Backup Drobo 5D to a Synology 415+


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I would like to set up an automatic system that would keep my Synology 415+ synced to my Drobo 5D. I am currently using Synology Drive and it's client to sync my computers and devices to the Synology. I was hoping I could do the same thing with the Drobo, but there appears to be no client for the Drobo. My Drobo is connected to my shinny new M1 MacMini via USB3. My 415+ is of course on my LAN. I know I could use Carbon C Cloner (CCC) to create a task, but I was really looking toward the bottomless pit of Synology Apps that would accomplish a real time backup that did not involve CCC. One day I would like to talk to you about my success at putting petty thieves in jail with my security cam network at our golf driving range. If you ever have a free moment send me an email so we could set up a good time to just talk about Nerd stuff. My LAN covers a 100 ac complex that is connected with Single Mode Fiber Optic cable, Unify Equipment and 38 Sec. cams.  I have more fun than most Nerds!