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[Solved] Recommended security camera Synology Surveillance  


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The good thing is that there is a seemingly overabundant supply of compatible cameras...the bad thing is that is a seemingly overabundant supply of compatible have any personal recommendations?

Some for outdoor surveillance
Some for indoor surveillance

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I'm using older Foscam R2 cameras, which have pan/tilt/zoom functionality and work great with Surveillance Station. That model is effectively discontinued now, but they've got newer/better things in the line, generally in the $50-$70ea range. Good stuff.

great, thanks!


I can recommend the Trendnet TV-IP311 and newer models.  You can use POE or use local PSU if you prefer.  The aforementioned model is a 3MP camera, and I have 30+ of these in one site and one of the newer 5MP models as well.  I highly recommend them, but I think are simply rebadged HIKvision cameras, so I guess they’d be just as good.  The Trendnet software is junk, but combined with surveillance station they’re very good.