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Remount SMB after wake


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How does one automatically remount SMB network shares after wake? I have a few volumes from my Synology that auto-connect upon login (I have these shortcuts in the user login items), but disconnect upon sleep... and then disappear after wake. I see there is probably a solution with Keyboard Maestro, but wondering if there is some OS setting I can change more easily. 

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I captured a screenshot of my solution which was to put it in the login items and it mounts the disk at startup and login. 

Also, Mike Bombich's (Carbon Copy Cloner) recommendation was to use AFP as the transfer protocol.

Hope this works for you!


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Thanks, NicevilleSteve; will try the AFP way, see if I have better persistency than with SMB. It just seems like the login items are only launched upon login, and not when waking from sleep... but the truth is that sometimes the volume stays mounted and sometimes it doesn't between sleep and wakes. It always reconnects with a logoff/login. 


I put my Mac in sleep and don't log out and the drives stay mounted... Could it be something in the Synology/Mac power management?

 Sorry I couldn't provide more support as I'm just a novice and only added it to my network this year. 

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It's curious, but since connecting with AFP, the network share stays connected between sleep and wake up. Thanks for the tip. 


I hope it sticks for you and the nice thing about putting them in the login items is they are always mounted whenever I restart 🤓