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Removing a drive from a Synology NAS, backup and restore question.


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So I have a drive that is getting more and more bad sector on my DS918+ which has 4 6TB drive. I'm only using 4.2TB of the 18TB available because the volume is in SHR1. I know I can't juste remove the drive from the volume and be done because of the redundancy. So I'm looking for a sure way to backup evething on an external hard drive, and start from scratch but from 3 drive instead of 4. Anybody has done this before?

I have a couple of things that I would be really pissed if I had to setup again, like my Plex serveur, a DDMS running a download station though it's own VPN and other stuff. I know Hyper backup can backup some of the package data, but I know that download station's data is not backed up and you have to reimport all the site again for the torrents, which is a pain.

Since it's in a DDMS, is there a way to back that up? like a VM in Parallels on the Mac?

Anybody tried to recover a backup when you setup the "new" Synology?

Thanks for any pointers.