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So I converted a Macbook Air to a desktop Mac  



I did this cause I had obtained a macbook air lately that was complete and utter poo poo garbage. Screen was smashed and the case was obliterated. So instead of putting more money than it was worth into fixing it I thought I'd have some fun. I disassembled the whole thing until I could get each component as separate as possible to put into a case of sorts. This is when I ran into my first issue. I took the little door that housed the bonus display port, usb, and audio Jack and headed to staples to get a mini display port (this is what APPLES website said it was I shit you not) converter so I would no longer need a built in screen. However this didn't fit, so I returned it and and basically tested every cord out with the dude there. No luck. Me and him google for half an hour to try and figure this out until we come to the conclusion of "micro DVI" so I order an OEM one from an apple reseller. The adapter is at least 10 years old at this point. It comes in the mail and if you bend it at all and the outer shell crumbles. Great. I decide that instead of returning something that just shouldn't of existed I would just try it and see if it could just work. So I set up my Frankenstein's monster of a machine and plug that puppy in to see the magic question mark file. Of all the things that could have happened that is the best thing I could have seen in that moment. This brings me to my question. I noticed that the hard drive is the same type in some ipod classics. Would I be able to "flash" the mac(book air 2008) like i can an ipod. Or would that just not work somehow.

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Hello...i can suggest about the power supply. Buy an external pc power supply - under 500w to save money - you can get a connector that goes from the power cable that plugs into dvd burners which then has an IO board that you can plug fans and lights into.


I goti t. thanks for sharing. I do not get new updates for my MAC. But it is ok because sometimes after updating system works with glitch. Now I am still work with my app on my emr software development because this one is really needed tool for online enterprise.