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[Solved] Syncing photos  



I am wondering what is the best way to sync/back up photos from my home iMac to the Synology NAS DS212? (The Synology NAS system is updated.)

I do have other back-ups already including Backblaze. However, I am trying to get to a point where photos my wife takes on her iphone sync to the Synology automatically (as she does not "back up" very often) and also enable her to access all photos on the NAS remotely. So far I have avoided subscribing to a paid icloud account.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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@iwarwick If you haven't installed Moments on your NAS, do so. Than on your iOS devices install the Moments app. Enable backup photo in the app and all your photos will be uploaded on your NAS. I'm not sure the DS212 is supported though, it seems a bit old;-)

Here's a link on Synology's site

If your Synology doesn't support Moments, you can still use the previous solution from them which was Photos, and DS photos, which essentially did the same thing albeit with a bit less functionality, but the backup photo was there. HTH.



I have Photo Station installed, but need to look into it further - didn't get much time to investigate DSM over the weekend.


Seconding @jefflambert670's advice for Moments. It's akin to running your own Google Photos setup on your NAS. Synology has done a nice job with the initial release, and I expect good things will continue as they grow the product.


Just don't forget to deselect your Moments folder (on your laptops and desktops) or you'll have duplicate copies of *all* your photos if you are using iCloud in the Photos app and another in you CloudStation->Moments folder.

<just realizing this now...ugh>


@jefflambert670 @davehamilton In my experience the Moments app can't (b/c of Apple?) or won't (b/c of poor design?) slurp up Photos from your camera roll without the iOS app being open and "front and center", meaning you can't be multi-tasking or doing anything else or your phone. Right now for instance I just fired up the app and see over 350 photos (the number I have taken since last doing this) are queued to back up. They are now syncing as I write this, but I'll need to plan on doing nothing else with my phone if I want the sync to happen. This seems really cumbersome. Is there another work-around? This thread on reddit seems to offer a promising (if Geeky) solution using Hazel. It does require a Mac with "download originals" set up, so wouldn't work if the users at home only have a laptop with limited storage. Any other takers?