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Synology and APFS - playing together?  



I'm still running Sierra on my macs as I've read that Synology 6.x doesn't play well with APFS.  I just got a message from a Synology tech stating that APFS is not supported.

I'm having a hard time believing every mac user with a Synology NAS is stuck at Sierra.

Can someone help clarify this issue?


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Not us what issue is being referred to, The synology wouldn’t be using an APFS formatted drive but neither would it be using HFS. The format of the drive on Mac does not affect its ability to access the synology or vice versa. I have high Sierra but with an APFS formatted drive. I can access my synology and it can slo access my macs drive. It is the ability to use the network file system, typically smb, that matters.


The drives on the synology are formatted as EXT4 (possibly EXT3 on older units). The incompatibility may mean that you can’t connect an APFS formatted drive to the synology via one of the USB Ports.


My original thought was the same as @sbedford: it doesn't matter. And that's true. Of course, I happily run Synology DiskStations here and easily connect to them with all of my machines, including those running APFS.

And that's because the filesystem of the client is unrelated to the filesystem of the server.

But maybe what's confusing things here – including Synology support – is that many DiskStations have USB ports to which one could connect an external drive. And, a few years ago, Synology added HFS+ support to DSM, allowing you to use those as external disks.

And that isn't possible with APFS (yet), because the APFS spec isn't released into the public domain in a way that makes creating these open source drivers possible (or something like that :).


Or maybe the OP read APFS but instead it was AFP? Which Synology has problem on and off with? Although I still prefer AFP than SMB for myself. But maybe Dave and Stephen are right in what the OP wanted to say.

@Sbedford internal volume can be formatted as btrfs also:-) which is the equivalent of Apple's APFS with snapshots, quick copy and all.


thanks guys.  after digging deeper, i believe the issue was that after mojave release, not all synology client apps (cloud station was mentioned) were 64 bit.