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Synology Drive question.  



Ok so I just want to make sure I'm not screwing things up with my Synology. I've installed Drive on two Synology. I want to be able to sync a couple of Shared folder between the two NAS. Currently, I'm using Shared folder Sync, which works fine, but is one way sync.

I want to do two things. One, use Drive to sync or backup a Remote Company NAS, to my Local Company NAS. This would be the same as what I currently have with Shared folder sync. The kicker is that ideally, I would need two-way sync so that I could connect my mac Drive client to the Local Company NAS, edit files, and have it sync back to the Remote NAS. 

I've tried to setup a Team Shared folder in drive and get the following warning, which I don't understand.
"Please do not mount remote folders or virtual drives on the Team Folder you are about the sync".

The Remote Company NAS uses Shared Folder, which are than mounted at the remote site by about 10 users using AFP. I will NOT change how they work since this is the way it's been done at the company for like 25 years, so I'm sticking with what works. 

So the warning about not mounting the drive leaves me on edge, do they mean I can't mount it on the Synology it self, like in File Station, mount drive? Or do they mean I can't have the Shared Folder mounted via AFP AND also use it in Drive? This is confusing. Maybe it's just the terminology they are using but I can't figure this out. And how do you "link" the two NAS together? I can't figure that one out either. On the client, I can't connect to different NAS, but on the NAS, how do I connect two team folder?

Also, is anybody doing this, the sync two NAS with Drive? how many files folders can you sync on a DS1813+? I can't find the info, it's like it's too old and the removed the info.


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Hmm... good question. This sounds like the scenario that High Availability is built for, except that only works with two NAS models that exactly match.

As for using Drive on a folder that you're also connecting to directly via SMB (or AFP, or whatever), I've certainly done this without issue, and have never experienced any kind of error message.

Oddly, the only other place I can find that error/phrase mentioned is on in the Team Folder section of the Drive Management knowledgebase article:

Odd that this limitation would only specifically apply to Team Folders, but that's at least consistent with my experience: As I said, I've done this but never seen an error message of any kind.

I'm trying to think of what would be unique about Team Folders in this regard that would mean syncing and mounting simultaneously would cause issues. Nothing (yet?) comes to mind!

@davehamilton thanks for your feedback. I've figured out how to sync my two NAS. You have to enable Drive on the "Master"  AND download Cloud Station ShareSync on the "slave" for it to work. Found an article that described the whole thing very well here. Still not sure about mounting the drive with AFP or SMB but I've seen a lot of picture where Synology refers to having a solution to sync different NAS, and still being able to work locally on them, so I'm assuming that they work by mounting the Network drives and not synching with Drive or Cloud Station on a local NAS. I've done a quick test with a empty shared folder, copied a couple of files and folders. The speed was abysmal at first because I had set it up with QuickConnect. So I started from scratch and made a connection with our  fixed IP at work. That work super, great speed, faster than the VPN setup I have.

Now I'm waiting on the DS1819+ to be available and we'll buy that to speed things up:-)

Oh and I'm trying to move 6.5TB from one Shared Folder to another within the same Volume and its SUPER sloooooowwwwww. Anyway to speed things up? I just dragged the a folder from one to the other in a safari connected to the web interface, so it's not going through my Mac to do the move, don't know why it's so slow.


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