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Synology Drive to Synchronize a folder between two Macs  



I would like to use my DS-216+ with Synology Drive to synchronize a folder that is on both my home and work Macs (running Mojave). (Thus mimicking dropbox, for example.)

So far, I can get Synology Drive to work just fine with one computer. But as soon as I sign in (to the same user account on the synology) with Drive on the second computer, then the first one stops syncing and says "Authentication error" with a red !. If I fix that, by editing the sync task on that computer and logging in again, then the other one stops syncing.

I've been discussing this with the support staff at Synology, but I'm not sure I have asked the question in a way they can understand. The latest answer is

"You won't be able to create 2 tasks on 2 PC/Mac with the same user account, it is by design. I would suggest you create another user account for the task on another computer." 

That just doesn't seem right to me. Did they really mean two accounts on the synology? Can I allow two such accounts to access the same synology directory?


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Hmm, I'm doing this with our server at work without any issues. You have to setup a Team folder with Drive admin Console, enable the sharepoint you want to use Drive with. Then connect to some folder within that Team folder (your sharepoint) from both your mac, and it will sync without issues (hopefully). I found that sometimes if you use drive like this and also connect to the Sharepoint with AFP, it will not sync changes made via AFP back to the client. If you use drive clients everywhere then it seams to work perfectly. YMMV.

Jeff: Thanks for your response--which is encouraging! I'll have to experiment with Team Folders. My first attempts have not fixed my problem. Each time I try to login with the menubar "Drive" app on one mac to my synology, it forces the second to immediately loose contact. This is before I even get to the stage of which share to use.