Synology Drive version control vs Snapshots on shared folders?  



Again with a Synology question:-)

Anybody know the best practices about Drive version control vs enabling Snapshots on a shared folder? I had the Snapshots setup, and enabled the visibility for everyone, so, if you have deleted a file, or saved on top of it by accident, everyone is able to go back in time and get there file. This is GREAT! Now, I've setup Synology Drive and there is also the possibility to save versions, up to 32, with inteliversion too. Should I be running both? If I already have snapshots setup on both NAS, should I worry about versions in Drive?

Anybody using those things? You need btrfs to use Snapshots though, so I think Dave did do the migration to that yet and wasn't sure he wanted to do it either. 

2 Answers

Yeah, I haven't done the BTRFS migration on my "main" unit, but I have it running on a different DiskStation here. I think I'd still do the Intelliversioning along with Snapshots. First, Snapshots will get things that aren't in Drive, and Drive's versioning allows all users to access it, as you noted. 


But the Snapshots CAN be accessible by all, if you select that option, which I did. So it's a bit redundant but I guess if it doesn't impact the performance, it's the belt and suspender approach, which I'm all for.