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Synology DS for photos  


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Not so much a question as just curious how people have setup their NAS

I've just bought a DS218J and hoping to download my dropbox contents, then not having to pay for dropbox. I also pay for iCloud for our family photo library. I'd quite like to save on that cost as well but have found Moments and DS Photo to be not as good.

I'm interested how other people are using their NAS for photo's, maybe there's a better setup that I haven't thought of. 

Obviously because it's a new toy I want to use it as much as possible 🙂

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Yeah, CloudStation (or Drive, as they now call it) is stellar, and really can easily be a Dropbox replacement for most folks. Collaboration is even possible, though obviously Dropbox's ubiquity is a strength there. Most people already have it, so there's no onboarding process as there would be for team members with Synology Drive. But functionally,  Drive rocks. It's my primary sync tool.

I use Moments, but I don't see it replacing iCloud Photo Library for me soon or ever.