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Synology DSM 7, Sonos and NTLMv1


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Upgrading to DSM 7 on my synology had the unexpected side effect of disconnecting my Sonos from the music library that I have on the Synology NAS (a DS216+ model). I did find, from the helpful advice at

that this can be fixed by allowing SMB1 connections, AND enabling NTLMv1 on the Synology. However, there are dire warnings about the lack of security of this old protocol. One user on a Synology user discussion site seemed to say this could be mitigated/fixed by blocking some ports on your router--so that such a protocol is not accessible from outside one's local network.

However, I cannot find what ports are necessary to block. And I don't understand if this is sufficient to "fix" the problem. 

Does anyone have insight into this?

(And BTW, while my Sonos system does connect to the Music Library now and is able update the index, it does not seem to be able to play music: after a few seconds of playing a song, the network connection times out. I don't think the Sonos is having connection problems because it streams music from internet radio stations just fine. So any insight into this problem would be appreciated too!)


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I hit this same problem, and thanks to your post, was able to work around it. I did end up enabling NTLMv1 despite the warnings. I'm not sure it is effective in mitigating the security issues, but what I did was create a "Sonos" user on my Synology, which only had read-only access to my music library. Previously, I had configured Sonos to access the Synology NAS using my own user credentials, so now it uses this new minimal privileged "Sonos" user.

I also have Plex, and it points to the same music library. Are you saying that you basically are now accessing your music library in Sonos via the Sonos Plex music service functionality? That is, rather than using Sonos to access your on-disk library directly, you sort of use Plex as a proxy to access the same library, and in doing so, you dispense with Sonos' SMB1 and NTLMv1 issues of accessing your Synology? That's a clever workaround. 👍 

I myself don't access my music via my Plex server through Sonos much. I find the interface to Plex in the Sonos app to be tedious and slow. It isn't completely horrible, but I prefer to access my library directly via Sonos. I use Plex (PlexAmp) primarily in my car with Android Auto, which is really great. If the Sonos SMB1 and NTLMv1 issues aren't corrected eventually, though, I may find myself following your Plex workaround, though.

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@jonnyrico I can't speak for @JimMeiss, but what you're interpreting is what I do: I have both Sonos-direct (via SMB1) and Plex setup for my Music Library in Sonos, and _most_ of the time I wind up using Plex to do it. It's not the greatest interface, but it is faster at pulling up data (and is indexed immediately when I add songs), so it tends to work better for my needs.

I don't find the plex interface on the Sonos to be any worse than the direct music library one. Perhaps I haven't played with it enough yet, but it has lists by albums & artists, and a recently played section, which is nice. All-in-all, I'm happy with plex...once I figured out how to install it!

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To answer my own question: I think that the best option is to use Plex. I turned off SMB1 completely...and after lots of sweat and tears, installed Plex on DSM 7. Mostly using the instructions here:

< >

Once I realized that you DO not launch plex from the synology interface (which for me brings up a complicated "quickconnect" URL, but instead use the local IP address...then the plex sever noticed my Synology files and started indexing. 

Finally I found out that one has lo "Enable Remote Access" on the server, as talked about here:

< >

in order for the library to be able to be seen by Sonos.

Hopefully, this advice might be of use to someone else....