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Synology Hyper Backup  



Right, I've got a DS415+ at work and a DS216 at home both have and external drive hanging off them and I have been using Hyper Backup to back them both up to each other. But is is taking an age to do go, as I'm doing a bit at a time over night so it doesn't impact work. The work one has 2.3TB with 1.7TB to go and the home one has 1TB with 600gb to go.

Question #1.

As we shut down over Christmas until the New Year, I thought it I'd bring the work DS home with me so they are sat together on the same network - taking the broadband connection out of the equation.

Is there a quicker way to complete the backup locally. Currently they both connect to one another using a / quickconnect account.

It would be nice if I could just connect each external HD with the other DS and just do a drag and drop backup but the way in which hyper backup packages the files (ie the .hbk file) I assume this is not possible.

Question #2

At work I had to factory reset the router as we were having issues with it - that changed the custom IP range from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.0.x. Since about the time of this reset Hyper Backup on my home DS can't see the work DS - it shows os off-line "the back-up destination does not exist". I can still connect to the Work DS via quickconnect in a browser without issue. Not sure if the new IP is correlation or causality.

I have the same question about dumping the content of my DS216J to external USB drive.  I tried USB luck.   After using the suggestion of the Synology folks, I tried Hyper BackUp.   I have about 35 GB of data.  The copy was SLOW.   I let it run for two days....and finally canceled the copy.  I resorted to plugging the USB drive into my computer and download the files over the network.  That took a little over 3 hours.   Much better.   My question is what is the USB port on the back of the Synology for?  Thank you.  Brian in Tinley Park

@superuser1 Hi Brian

The USB ports are for external drives. I have a usb drive hanging off both my Synologys and use Hyper-backup to back up each to the usb drive connected to the other NAS, that way each NAS has a remote backup. For the work NAS I also once a week connect a second external drive and use Hyper-backup so I have a 2nd backup.

My home NAS is currently over 1TB in size and it's been running a backup now for over 1 week and is only at 63% complete - but I have reduced the bandwidth available to the backup task so that it doesn't interfere with other broadband usage.  

Thank you for your reply.   I will give Hyper Backup a try again with a different USB drive.  Next question....what are "usbshare1-1 and usbshare1-2?  They seem to be created due to my back up efforts but instead they seem to fill up my hard drives in the Synology unit.  They seem to have the same files I am trying to back up,  -=Brian=-

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For question 1 I know Synology will see the DS on you local network automatically with the quick connect ID. Supper handy. And do the data transfer locally. At least that has been my experience.

thanks @acevthenerd-com. I'm still only able to get one way traffic, work NAS can see home NAS only (as per question2). Transfer was very slow initially, but I think that may have been down to a duff cat5 cable - swapped out and it's now a lot faster now getting about 20gb in 2-3hrs.