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Synology permissions  



Hope someone can help, I'm in the process of setting up a Synology for someone, I have had one myself for a while but have always struggled slightly to get to grips with certain parts.

They want to have multiple users which I have set up. Each person has a home folder within the 'drive' folder. If I place a file in there I would assume that only they would have access to it but it appears everyone does.

If I deny rights to other people to read/write home folders it doesn't let them access their own Home folder- obviously no good.

Is there a setting that means people in the 'user' group can only access their own 'drive' folder.

Sorry if my terminology is wrong



did you look the homes folder while logged in as you, the admin, or with one of the user account? Did you make every user with admin privilege? An admin can see ALL homes and do pretty much everything he wants on the system. I just checked on my work server and I have access to their home folder if I'm logged in as me, but if I login as a "regular" user, then I see only their Home folder, with a Drive folder in it because that's enabled. This works either when logging in in a web browser or through SMB/AFP. If they want to share files, which is usually the case with a NAS in a workgroup, then you make a Sharepoint and give READ/Write access to all users to that Sharepoint. DON'T use advanced permissions as this will cause all sorts of headache.

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That's really helpful thanks By jefflambert670

So I tried that logging in as a regular user and I can still see all homes, plus they're not admins.

Then I found somewhere someone said when you create a user you leave all permission boxes blank and it automatically gives proper access, so i tried that and it works!

I think I was trying to be too clever and assign permissions myself when i didn't need to.


Now I'm just looking at team folders- all fun and games!

Thanks again for your help