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Time Machine backup and data storage in a single Synology. Possible?  




I am leaving this question for another forum member to augment an answer I left for her. I am afraid my knowledge of the Synology drives is rather nimble so I've come here for some support.

Setup: Mojave, Mac with 128GB SSD

Needs: A single unit, like Synology to serve two purposes: Store user data that the internal 128GB can not support and to double up as a Time Machine back up of the Mac and the said user data. Im total we are talking about 128GB on the Mac and 2TB user data.

Is this goal achievable with a single Synology drive and if so, which model would fit that purpose? Is this even a good idea or are two external drives, one for time machine and the other for data good enough? Are there strong advantages to employing a Synology over a two drive solution?


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Synology can handle both data and time machine.  I am runnning a 4 bay 416play.  I have setup a folder for each family member that is for use with time machine.  Each folder is set to limit size of backup to 4x size of Mac storage (128 GB on Mac, 512 GB for time machine).  This will prevent time machine for taking over the entire SAN. Data is stored on other folders. Synology provides fault tolerance due to RAID drives configuration.  Performance is lower then locally attached storage, but single nas is used for multiple computers. Hope that helps



Does this suggestion mean a different folder shared only with the unique time machine user and a folder limit rather than a user limit? Does this mean that with 4 users in the house I would set up 4 users and 4 time machine users? I'm new to this and trying to figure it all out.

If you want to make it super simple, you could create a single share and use same Acct and people for every user. They can all store backup in same folder. I like segregating the users but some of us have multiple machines which backup to the same folder.


My concern with sharing is that I don't want my machine to take over the space, I have the most content. So if I create separate accounts for each user and a limit/quota, that makes sense to me. Do I set up a second user account for anyone that needs to access the NAS for saving or retrieving other files?


 I think using two External drives would be cheaper though, And you'd have one TimeMachine that would backup both the internal SSD and the external HD. If you have more than one mac thought, the Synology might be a better investment in the long run. It also depends if the person is technically savvy. I had a Time Machine setup on my Synology until a week ago where I decided that an external drive would be "safer". My TM wasn't running as I expected so I decided to go back to a directly attached storage solution.




@alex-santos, this is totally doable with the Synology, with a few exceptions. You can't story a Photos library on any NAS drive, and you don't want to store anything on there that apps need at login/startup. Your Mac will mount the Synology after you login, so anything that's needed by other startup/login apps could be negatively impacted if the Synology isn't yet fully mounted.

Otherwise, yeah, this could work well.