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Time Machine must create a new backup  



Hi all,

I've been setting Synology systems up for a while, but have never encountered quite so stubborn an issue. I'm working with someone with a new 2019 iMac and new DS218+. For whatever reason the Time Machine backups have been failing recently, spitting out the following message: "Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you.” The options then are Back Up Later or Start New Backup. Neither option seems to work. Once you try starting over it wipes the backup, makes it mostly to the end, then spits out the error message again. The Mac is running Catalina, and DS on the latest DSM software. I am connecting to Time Machine through SMB directly to the IP address of the NAS, and have AFP disabled. The iMac is ethernet wired in to the network. After scouring the forums it seems to be people just giving up on backing up Time Machine to a network destination. Synology support blames it on Apple. Apple blames Synology. Anyone encountered this, or have some things I could try?



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I’d read through the list of tools and suggestions at Eclectic Light. I’m thinking if this problem is consistent it may be related to some particular data/file that isn’t copying across correctly. In particular SMB doesn’t cope with particular characters or spaces in source file/folder names and may create “random character” file names at the destination. So maybe TM is copying the file over and getting the “ok” from the SMB receiving process but when TM tries to verify the copy it doesn’t find the file there?

Thanks for your reply!

Looks like it may actually be an issue with Norton Antivirus...

Well found. Some particular network message being blocked presumably. But you’d think NAV logs would then show something specific.


Norton has been one of the #1 causes of macOS panics reported in the forums.

I thought for sure this would solve it, but unfortunately no! The dreaded error returned after it completed a backup.