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Unlimited Google Drive Storage might be available from your university  



In recent episodes there have been discussions about DropBox, Synology Drive, and Synology Cloud Sync, so I thought I'd throw my own solution in here. While doing tech support for a client recently I noticed they still had a google email address from their undergrad, though they had already graduated. Out of curiosity I wondered if they also had google drive storage -- and was surprised to see that their alma mater offered them unlimited google drive file stream storage. That got me wondering if my own university might offer me the same, though it's been 20 years since I graduated...and sure enough! I do. I get unlimited storage in Google Drive from my undergrad! So I switched my Synology Cloud Sync to point it there, and voila! My 1TB plex movie library is now happily backed up there, and no more Back Blaze. For $120,000 that's not a bad deal. 😉 😉