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UPS semi recognized on Synology DS918+  



I've had a UPS connected to my DS918+ for a while now. But this morning, I was checking all my settings to make screenshots for reference and notice that my UPS was not recognized anymore. So I unplugged the UPS from DS918+, reconnected it, nothing. Restared the Synology, still nothing. BUT, after restarting, I get a message in notification center that I'm connected to UPS. It's like one part of the system sees it, and the other doesn't. Since I have two Synology connected to the same UPS for power, only one has access to the USB port on it, so it's my newer DS918+ vs the DS1813+ and I connect the DS1813+ to the UPS server, but now it doesn't see the server either, which is normal if the DS918+ says it's not connected in the Control Pannel, hardware and Power, UPS tab. The only thing I didn't do is unplug the UPS, but since both my servers are on that and my modem, Hue hub, Lutron hub, I'd rather NOT do that. So my question is, how come the system knows its connected to a UPS, but at the same time, not recognize it in it's settings? And why all of a sudden?

Thanks for any ideas you guys might have on this.

You might wanna get in line too and read about this known issue right here:

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