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Using Synology Drive?  



Hi, I just installed Drive on my DS918+. After playing with it on my previous NAS, a DS415Play, I had decided that it was way too slow. But now with the new hardware I'm giving this a try again. So my question is, how do you use Drive exactly? If my Synology is on the same network as my Mac, I just login with the finder using afp or smb and that's it. I have access to all my data. If I use Drive, it will want to sync a folder with my Mac. To my knowledge, it doesn't support a kind of Smart Sync like Dropbox Pro, listing all my folders but not actually downloading all content of those folders. So it works more like the Plus version, where you can setup selective sync. OR, you juste sync a empty folder and when you want to put something there you sync just that thing, which I don't know why I would use it that way. So I'm asking, how do you setup your Drive? Do you also use Dropbox if you have Drive or is everything moved to Drive? Tks.

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I use Dropbox and Drive differently. All my personal stuff is in Drive, anything I share with others is in Dropbox.

And I use selective Sync in drive to skip syncing some things (like Moments data) that I don't need on my Mac.


So @Dave, how do you backup what's one Drive? What's on dropbox is "backed up" elsewhere automatically but with Drive, it's not the case. I get that maybe some stuff you would rather NOT have on cloud services, but I guess I don't have anything that is so secret that I wouldn't want it on Dropbox. If something is sensitive, I can always put it in an encrypted dmg and put that in Dropbox. 


My Drive files are backed up a few ways:

  • HyperBackup to another Synology
  • HyperBackup to Synology C2 cloud
  • clone from my Mac to local drive (on 3 synced Macs)
  • Time Machine from my Mac (again, on 3 synced Macs)