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Why should I get a NAS?


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Currently, I use a 4TB External Drive that I backup via CCC to another 4TB drive and I don't have a huge data requirement.

Other than reliability that a NAS would give me, is there any other reason to spend $200 on a diskless drive bay? (Note: I am not interested in using it as a server or sharing it across my internal network)

Maybe you do not need a NAS.


But some things you could do with a NAS.


You could create your own Dropbox-like cloud storage on your NAS (I'm actually talking about Synology).


You could arrange to sync your iPhone pictures to the Synology.


If you always wanted your own private website, that is easy enough to do with a Synology


You could arrange to backup a laptop while away on vacation or any kind of travel.


If you want a VPN, you could do that, where your home in the location of the VPN server.


You could have a media server for music and movies.

I do have a question. Is this $200 NAS a 1-Bay or does it have multiple drive bays? A 1-bay NAS can give you the features above but it does not give you any special safety features if the disk dies. In that regards a 1-bay NAS would be as safe as your individual backup drives.


A 2-Bay NAS gives you the storage of 1 drive, but protection for the loss of one of the drives.


As the number of drive bays goes up, you get more of the storage and only have to give over 1 drive for protection. So a 4-bay NAS would give you the storage of 3 drives, with 1 going for protection.


There are other configurations, such as 2 disks for protection, or having a disk sitting idle as a "Hot Spare" that gets put into the mix if one of the active drives fails.

I gave a price for a 2 Bay NAS. Because to me a 1 Bay NAS is completely pointless unless you want all of the features of having a server. At which point, why not setup a server. I understand that is good for people that are not geeks. But for a person like me (developer, setup and manage servers, etc.), it is pointless.

Ok. So it seems just protection for if the hard drive dies, not if the electronics are fried.