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Airplay and itunes on WINDOWS 10 can IPV6 be the problem?  



I think I found my answer in a very old post on Apple.  So, with Airplay 2 coming out.  I bought the 2 of the new Sonos Amps running KEF LS50 speakers.  I have Sonos all over the home.   I have both Apple and Windows computers.  But seriously, use mostly my windows computers most of the time.   But, I have 3 ipads, an iPhone X, still love my iPods....but three of them an haven't even opened them yet because I don't want my phone with me when I'm working out in the gym.  So, I'm heavily invested in Apple. both in products and real shares of stock.  

AIRPLAY works great with Apple products!  I can send to my new Sonos Amp with my iPhone and iPads to the Amp then gang all my zones to the Amps and now I can listen to Spotify or anything to any zone.  What hasn't worked for the past month is my Windows 10 computer where I have my iPod sync to iTunes to my windows 10 computer.   Damn icon to connect iTunes on Windows 10 to simply disappeared again!   I've seen several others have this happen.  Now, starting the troubleshooting process, if it works on the other devices, then it can't be the router, or the rest of the wifi system...ITS WORKING ON EVERYTHING ELSE.   So I just did a round trip from Vancouver, WA to Los Angeles and back...driving......I was behind by about 12 MGG I powered through listening and am all caught up.  I just left Vegas as CES was starting......just as I hit the 215/15 freeway......some of that Dave and Kevin must have rubbed off......I had my epiphany moment.  IPV6.......shutting off IPV6 on my windows computer and restarting iTunes on the computer......BAM!!!!!   It solved the issue.  For the last two issues......

But, lets have a COMMON MAN moment as Ammad Rashad would say.  Are you kidding me?  That was the problem?  You're going to tell me, this hasn't been testing yet by Apple.  I see others have had this same issue for a long time now.