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Any way to use a FAX machine without a landline?  



I have a nice HP all in one laser printer with a FAX in it. I was ask by my doctor office if I could send a document by FAX last week. Since I do not have a landline, only my iPhone, that was not an option, so I went out with another solution. 

But since, out of curiosity, I searched, without any success, to find out if there is an existing solution to use that FAX (for sending only) via an Internet solution or with my iPhone using some kind of hardware translation or some magical incantation of some sort. 

Any one have ever find a way to make that work?

Thank you

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I believe it is possible to send a fax over VOIP but only if the VOIP provider has appropriate protocols in place. I would suspect that most do not. 
i maintain a nominal outgoing “email to fax” account for the rare occasion that somebody demands a fax (in some areas a faxed copy has legal standing where email doesn’t)


Tell them no.

Ask if you can send a PDF

Use the scanner on your printer to scan the filled out document, and save it as a PDF.

Send them the PDF.

That would be the easiest.


If you must, you can use your printer to scan the filled out document and find an online service that will take your image file and send the FAX.


But it would so much easier if your doctor's office just accepted the PDF.



@datafornothinandbitsforfree  That's what I did, but that is not the initial question. What I'm asking is if there is any existing solution to FAX out a document via a real FAX machine and only Internet or iPhone. 


I may not be understanding the question entirely, so what's the issue with receiving a fax *only* by fax machine and how would the recipient know?


The question or challenge is to know if the fax machine can be tricked to think it is connected to a landline, but in reality it would be the Internet, to send a fax from a physical document. No need to receive a fax on my side. But I cannot find anything on that.

The things that are common is to email a document to an email-to-fax document, but again I cannot find an on demand service, they come with free trial and a monthly subscription that I do not want to pay. Doctors office are probably the only place we need to fax something to... 😎 


@steve_hammond you could just send it to them anyway you wanted and if they asked, tell them that you sent it via a fax machine.

And FWIW, you are right...I've given up trying to convince my colleagues to turn their fax machines into door stops and jump on in into the 21st century!


Nowadays there are less number of offices are using fax machine. But I see old offices are still using fax for communication.