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Bridged network -- two names or one?  



Had a three router bridged network with Xfinity all called the same name. 

Just changed to ATT Fiber and changed configuration to use the ATT Gateway and Synology 2600 router as an access point. The ATT router is in basement and its wifi network has one name. The Synology upstairs has another name. 

Both are using the same gateway for internet.

The Synology serves most of our house's wifi needs with very fast speeds.

I can hook to the Synology from the basement, but signal is much stronger down there from the ATT router.

Should I continue with two network names and just use the ATT wifi network when I'm in the basement. Or should I give both networks the same name? Does it matter -- the actual results should be the same.









If the Synology is in bridge mode and the AT&T gateway is the only real router, then you might as well change all WiFi SSID and Passwords to the same value so you have a roaming network.


But if the Synology is still a router, then it would seem you have a Double NAT setup with 2 subnets. The first from the AT&T gateway and WiFi, and the 2nd from the Synology (again only if the Synology is acting as a router, and is NOT in bridge mode).


If the AT&T is the only router, then the only benefit to keeping its SSID separate from the rest of your network is so you will explicitly know you are talking to the AT&T WiFi access point.


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Yes, ATT is the only router. Synology in access point mode (bridge). Yeah, seems like it makes sense to name both networks the same, since they originate from the same source.