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Can Routers Get Infected?  



I have an Windows system along with the Mac. In the other system the AV shows that my router might be infected. Can it happen in real? Has anyone faced similar issue before?

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Yes, but a lot depends on things like whether the router manufacture had a back door in their code (some have been found), or whether you changed the default router admin password, or if you have been applying router firmware updates, or if your router automatically applies updates.

You should take your router manufacturer name and router model number and Google it appending the phrase "security vulnerability", or "bugs", or "backdoor".

If your router comes up with hits, see if there are fixes.

Also if you have not changed your router admin password, you should do that.

If there are router firmware upgrades you should apply them.

Finally, if your router is old and your ISP has been increasing your connection speeds, you should think about replacing it as an old router may not be able to keep up with the speeds your ISP is giving you.  For example, Comcast has been incrementally increasing the download speeds for many of their customers.  About 8 years ago, I signed up for 35megabits/second speeds, over time they have bumped it up to 75mbs, then 150mbs, followed by 180mbs, and now it is 236mbs.  Older, inexpensive routers oftentimes do not have the CPU speeds to handle that capacity, and their WiFi radios may not be offering the latest and greatest 802.11ac (aka WiFi 5) or now WiFi 6 (of course very few devices have WiFi 6, but it will be coming "Real Soon Now" 😀 😀 ).

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